About 3cross

Our 5,500 square foot space in the basement of 26 Cambridge Street houses a spacious taproom, our "brewing nook" and lots of space for expansion. Our focus is on serving our community and we want to be known as a local, Worcester brewery. Our taproom will always come first and it's unlikely that you'll ever see 3cross beer sold too far from Worcester.

Our name references the classic spoke lacing pattern for a biycle wheel and you'll find elements of bicycle lore and culture throughout the brewery. Since we're cyclists as well as beer lovers, we aim to make 3cross the ideal place to end your next ride. Of course, we also aim to be the perfect place for anyone to enjoy a fresh, local beer.

Upcoming Events

Wooden Noodles

December 16th 6-9pm

Wooden Noodles serves hearty bowls of traditional ramen. Fresh made noodles and local ingredients served in slow simmered broths. Vegan and vegetarian options will be available. Noodles!

One Love Cafe

December 22nd 6-9pm

One Love Cafe puts on a pop-up restaurant in our taproom every second and fourth Friday of the month. Swing by for a beer and some delicious Jamaican fare. Vegan and vegetarian options available!

Wooden Noodles

January 27th 6-9pm

Wooden Noodles serves hearty bowls of traditional ramen. Fresh made noodles and local ingredients served in slow simmered broths. Vegan and vegetarian options will be available. Noodles!

on tap



Named in honor of Major Taylor, the "Worcester Whirlwind", this is our interpretation of the traditional Belgian witbier style. With Maine grown wheat, fresh orange and grapefruit zest, coriander seed, chamomile and grains of paradise this is definitely a summertime quencher and perfect to slake your thirst after a good ride. 4.8% abv, 73 liters available


A tour. A loop. A Ronde. A ride that takes you on the dirt less traveled. With big elevation, this won't be your fastest ride, but it will be the one you can't stop talking about. And afterward? Well, a simple blonde ale with a bold addition of apricot. That sounds about perfect. 5% abv, 78 liters available

just ryeding along

We swear, we were just riding along and all of a sudden a bag of Maine grown flaked rye appeared out of nowhere and fell into the mash tun! Can we get this warrantied? No? Well, that's alright, the dry, spicy kick from the rye is a nice complement to the old school West Coast hops in this pale ale. 5% abv, 71 liters available


Just tuck yourself in behind that wheel. Get out of the wind. You deserve it! You took your pull, right? Now, relax in the slipstream for a bit and have a beer. A blend of Belgian farmhouse yeasts give this saison delicate notes of fruit and funk, which fade away to a bone-dry finish. 5.9% abv, 76 liters available


Careful. Don't rip that corner too fast. It's a bit off-camber and you might end up in the woods. Like that tricky turn, this IPA is likely to send you off-track if you're not expecting it. American hops and a Belgian saison yeast collide to produce a beer full of tropical fruit flavors and aromas. 7% abv, 54 liters available


Repeat after me: A brevet is not a race. This does not mean a brevet is easy. Roads, the weather, mechanicals, even your own body can work against you. But you can do this. You can go the distance. You can learn to like IPAs.You may already like IPAs. This IPA is meant to be approachable, but not watered down. Huge notes of orange, mango and pine resin dominate, but bitterness is restrained. Flavorful, but not aggressive. Workmanlike, not flashy. 6.7% abv, 60 liters available

slipstream with peaches

This special release is a collaboration with the folks over at the Regional Environmental Council's FoodHub. They sourced about 60 pounds of peaches from Clearview Farm in Sterling, MA and we added them to some of our saison, Slipstream. The result is delightful, with a great fresh peach aroma and delicate flavor notes which nicely accent the base beer. 5.9% abv, less than 50 liters available

single-speed with Citra

Like a single-speed bike, our flagship pale ale is a stripped down beer showcasing a single hop. A well rounded malt bill is complemented by additions of the featured hop throughout the brewing process. In this edition, Citra hops add a blast of citrus and pine resin. 5.2% abv, 183 liters available

3rd revolution

Every year for our anniversary, we release a little something special to commemorate the occasion. This year, we dipped into our sour barrels and put together a pleasantly tart and exceptionally drinkable Flemish-style sour. Enjoy! 5.3% abv, 50 liters available


Ask just about any bike mechanic about Sheldon Brown and you're bound to hear all about his encyclopedic, forever-90's-era website that covers everything from obscure bottom bracket standards to how to lace up a bicycle wheel. Sadly, Brown passed away in 2008, but he lives on through his website and, we hope, through this brown ale brewed in his memory. It features a rich malt base, which brings notes of chocolate and toast, with a good dose of American hops for a pleasant citrus finish without too much bitterness. 7% abv, 250 liters available

on deck


How long can you trackstand? One hand? No hands? While drinking this beer? Like its namesake, this beer is all about balance. It’s a careful interplay between the nutty sweetness of fresh Pilsner malt and the gentle bitterness of Hüll Melon hops. 5.4% abv


Named after the distance of the Paris-Brest-Paris cycling event, this double IPA is our Brevet IPA amped up to ridiculous levels. A staggering amount of hops contribute bold notes of citrus, mango and resiny pine, all backed up by an assertive level of bitterness. 8.3% abv


Left, right, left, right. 90 RPM, that cadence is smooth as silk. A perfect pedal stroke is a thing of beauty. Only malt (no pedals) was mashed in the making of this beer. With waves of chocolate and toasted malt flavor, it will have you gliding along like the smoothest rouleur. 5.9% abv

single-speed w/ Chinook

Like a single-speed bike, our flagship pale ale is a stripped down beer showcasing a single hop. A well rounded malt bill is complemented by additions of the featured hop throughout the brewing process. In this edition, Chinook hops contribute prickly notes of of pine resin. 5.2% abv

not beer

KrafTea Kombucha

Ginger Lime

Blueberry Lemon

Apricot Mango

Ginger Hibiscus

Black Cherry

Kombucha is an ancient elixir made by the fermentation of tea and sugar to create a refreshing probiotic drink. A healthy dose of yeast and bacteria transform the all-organic ingredients into a tasty tart and sweet beverage.

fountain sodas



Our housemade soda syrups are made from fresh ingredients and organic sugar. We mix them to order by the glass in traditional soda fountain style.

What to Expect


We offer beer in 125mL tasters and full pours to drink here, as well as 500mL bottles and 2L growlers to bring home with you. Our selection of beer is a constant rotation and you'll rarely see the same lineup on two subsequent visits. When you get here we suggest ordering a sample flight of the beers we currently have on tap. Once you've had a chance to taste, perhaps put an order in for some growlers to go and a pint to savor while you're waiting for your order to be filled. Your growlers will be waiting for you at the register whenever you're ready to depart.


We have some seating available at the bar for those visiting in ones and twos and tables around the corner for those in larger parties. We do our best to make it back to the tables to clear your empties and take additional orders, but when things get busy your best bet is to come order at the bar.


We don't serve food in our taproom. Our focus is on making the best beer we possibly can. However, you are more than welcome to bring food with you to nosh on while you're here. There are a number of restaurants to order from within a small radius of our location, there's a full supermarket within easy walking distance and we invite food trucks and pop-up restaurants to serve up eats from time to time.


Being a bike themed brewery we hope that you'll ride down to 3cross whenever possible. We have plenty of places to stash your bike inside. We have a good-sized parking lot available for those of you driving, but it does fill up when it gets busy. There is also limited on-street parking, but please be considerate of our neighbors.

Find Our Brews

Find 3cross brews on draught or in bottles at these fine establishments in the Worcester area.
draught beer draught kombucha bottled beer bottled kombucha

Austin Liquors

117 Gold Star Blvd
Worcester, MA
Bottled Beer

BirchTree Bread Company

138 Green St #5
Worcester, MA
Draught BeerDraught Kombucha

deadhorse hill

281 Main St
Worcester, MA
Draught Beer

Ed Hyder's Mediterranean Marketplace

408 Pleasant St
Worcester, MA
Bottled Kombucha

Idylwilde Farms

366 Central St
Acton, MA
Bottled Kombucha

Mass Liquors

392 Chandler St
Worcester, MA
Bottled BeerBottled Kombucha

Mountainside Market

23 Hubbardston Rd
Princeton, MA
Bottled Kombucha

Paired, Poured & Plated

290 W Main St
Northborough, MA
Bottled Kombucha


195 Arnold Rd
Fiskdale, MA
Bottled Kombucha

The Boynton Restaurant & Spirits

117 Highland St
Worcester, MA
Draught Beer

The Living Earth

232 Chandler St
Worcester, MA
Bottled Kombucha

The Thirsty Lab

206 Worcester Rd
Princeton, MA
Bottled Kombucha

The Vin Bin

91 Main St
Marlborough, MA
Bottled Kombucha

Woods Hill Table

24 Commonwealth Ave
Concord, MA
Bottled Kombucha


Monday - Tuesday - closed
Wednesday - 5pm - 9pm
Thursday - 5pm - 9pm
Friday - 12pm - 10pm
Saturday - 12pm - 10pm
Sunday - 12pm - 6pm

Getting Here

Our taproom is located in the basement of 26 Cambridge Street, at the rear of the building. Our parking lot and entrance are located on Knowlton Avenue. For those of you who've been in Worcester a while, we're in the space that was home to Playoff Entertainment. We're admittedly a little hard to find, but promise that it's worth the effort!

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